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Música / reconoces estos auriculares?
Enero 27, 2009, 06:26:12

Depeche Mode usando Grados o Alessandro?, como sea me gusto ver a una de mis bandas favoritas en los 80-90 usando una de las mejores marcas de auriculares que he escuchado.
alguien ha probado este amp con auriculares Grado? por el precio me parece una buena alternativa.
Fuentes / Goldmund is using Pioneer DVD parts
Abril 16, 2008, 19:51:08

Goldmund is using Pioneer DVD parts in all its recent models of CD/SACD/DVD players, simply because they were the best designed. Goldmund has, for each new model, clearly announced which Pioneer model was used and how deeply they were modified.

The recent surge of interest manifested in a few forums about that extraordinary "discovery" may look quite hilarious for our faithful customers who know that for long and know why they bought the Goldmund machine !
But it may also look detrimental to new readers who did not read our announcements and may be mislead by the conspirational and some time offensive tone (inspired by competition ?) that comes with it.

For all those we strongly encourage them to do a listening test between the models mentioned (including competition) and find out by themselves why people are really buying the Goldmund in such a quantity...

Or, are we wrong and do some people buy a CD player to only look at it ?

Anyhow, thanks to all of those who wrote, nicely or not, about us. As they say, the worst people can say about a company is... nothing.
So thanks for the free advertisement.

Que esas modificaciones cuesten miles de imposible, que opinan ustedes?